Patti Veconi

Playwright and Theater Educator

Chess Play Produced in video format

June 8, 2021 | News and Archive

Bay Ridge Prep’s Middle School production this year was Patti Veconi’s, Chess Play, an imaginative telling of a famous chess game that was played in Italy in 1619 by Greco, one of the world’s earliest chess masters. Audiences need not understand chess to appreciate the life and death drama between two warring kingdoms. When the King of Obsidia brings his court and army to the Alabaster Valley under false pretenses, a murderous plot is revealed and it is up to the clever members of the Queen’s Guard, to save their kingdom. Produced as a video using Covid-safety protocols, the show is available to watch on Vimeo. To read the full story about how this production came to be, visit the school’s website here.