Patti Veconi

Playwright and Theater Educator

Play Type:

Youth Theater

The Quens Guard - Play by Patti Veconi
Full Length Works, Youth Theater

The Queen’s Guard

It is the winter of 1859 and scarlet fever is rife in New England. As two children, Frances and Julianne Beale, are recovering together, they amuse themselves by playing a game of chess. But it is no ordinary game. Frances is following a historical chess book and convinces Julianne to turn their chess pieces into imaginary characters who come alive on the stage. What follows is a melodrama of sword fighting, murder, betrayal, love, and sacrifice, all against the background of a large chess board and moveable pieces. The Alabaster king has died and his widow, Queen Agnes, will do anything to protect her son, Prince Patrick, from her ambitious brother, the King of Obsidia. As the Obsidian forces enter the Alabaster Valley, their plot to poison the young prince is thwarted by a coalition of scrappy soldiers, bumbling bishops, and two star-crossed lovers who must find courage to be more than mere pawns in their two kingdoms at war. Approximately 90 minutes without intermission.

Full Length Works, Youth Theater

The Forgeries of Jealousy

In this tight, well-plotted script, the action builds to almost farcical levels at some points. The interplay among all the characters is excellent, and there are plenty of scenes with only a few actors at a time, making it easy to rehearse segments without having to balance too many schedules. With a goal for inclusivity, some roles and associated friendships may fall outside of traditional norms. The representation of any such couple is done innocently, sweetly, and naturally. This play has rich themes of friendship, loyalty, allegiance, and of course, jealousy.

Catch The Waves - Play by Patti Veconi
Youth Theater

Catch the Waves

A team of space explorers are on a mission to save Earth when they are forced to crash land on the planet Kapzastra. There, the local inhabitants share their resources and unique skills to help the travelers complete their mission. With the help of a Greek chorus...

Gretel Was a Princess - Play by Patti Veconi
Youth Theater

Gretel Was a Princess

With the help of a group of musician-dwarfs to play and punctuate the story, this Grimm mash-up of characters head out on a quest to find the King’s missing son, the Frog Prince, and win the reward of their dreams. When Gretel gives the frog a chocolate kiss and he...

Hamlet-lette Challenges Roles for Girls
Full Length Works, Youth Theater


Just as the cast for this year’s play at River Valley High School is announced, a calamity occurs: the lighting rig in the school’s theatre collapses, injuring the director and throwing the school’s show and entire theatre program into jeopardy. It takes a capable...

Jesters, Jousters & Donuts play by Patti Veconi
Youth Theater

Jesters, Jousters & Donuts

With their annual Renaissance Fair is interrupted by contractors from the Department of Buildings, a troupe of intrepid re-enactors use what little time they have to mount their best fair ever including an archery contest, juggling jesters, a jousting match and not...

Night of Neverland - Play by Patti Veconi
Full Length Works, Youth Theater

Night of Neverland

What happens when a slumber party game goes awry and the birthday girl is hypnotized into really believing she’s Peter Pan? Well, first a group of boys arrive to crash the party, then everyone becomes involved in a charade of Neverland characters, gender-bending...

Pirates of Atlantis - Play by Patti Veconi
Youth Theater

Pirates of Atlantis

When a pirate ship inadvertently sails over the lost city of Atlantis, an adventure-seeking girl makes friends with a charmingly naïve sailor causing their two worlds to collide. With the help of a Narrator giving advice and Poseidon’s magic adding to the drama,...

Pool Party play by Patti Veconi
Youth Theater

Pool Party

Nomi finally has permission to host a pool party, but her excitement is tempered by the fact that she has been given a strict limit on the number of guests allowed. As her girlfriends take over the task of extending invitations without her knowledge, she has to...

Patti Veconi Playwright
Full Length Works, Youth Theater

Shadows in the Middle

In this stream-of-conscience series of scenes about the lives and thoughts of adolescents, Puck’s final monologue from A Midsummer Night’s Dream cleverly provides the prompts that drive the play’s themes including friendship, bullying, heartbreak, peer pressure and...

Spring Break-In play by Patti Veconi
Full Length Works, Youth Theater

Spring Break-In

A group of kids break into a dilapidated mansion looking for a cool place to hang out during spring break only to find they find aren’t alone...and they definitely aren’t safe. A play anchored in realism - with a coven of witches thrown in.