Patti Veconi

Playwright and Theater Educator


Gretel Was a Princess




7-20 f, 4-16 m, gender flexible, doubling possible. Appropriate for actors aged 10 to adult.


Approximately 35 minutes
With the help of a group of musician-dwarfs to play and punctuate the story, this Grimm mash-up of characters head out on a quest to find the King’s missing son, the Frog Prince, and win the reward of their dreams. When Gretel gives the frog a chocolate kiss and he magically transforms back to his true, princely self, everyone is surprised but her. Optional music, scored for piano or a barred percussion school ensemble, is provided with the script. Borrows heavily from the conventions of British panto plays. This is a great play for an upper elementary through high school class to perform for young audiences.