• Four women. Three days. Two celebrations. One secret.

    It is the weekend of Ann’s high school graduation and eighteenth birthday. Her family has come together to help her celebrate, but when Ann’s father doesn’t arrive for her graduation party, she confronts her mother, sister and aunt with questions about her past.

  • Just as the cast for this year’s play at River Valley High School is announced, a calamity occurs: the lighting rig in the school’s theatre collapses, injuring the director and throwing the school’s show and entire theatre program into jeopardy. It takes a capable and ambitious cast of high school actors to decide to put the show on themselves?if only they could manage their offstage drama with as much skill! With a strong message of empowerment for girls, this play includes coming of age challenges in the spirit of teamwork with both sincerity and levity, while paying homage to Shakespeare’s great play. This 2019 first place winner of the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild national competition for youth theatre is a top notch age-appropriate play for teens.

  • What happens when a slumber party game goes awry and the birthday girl is hypnotized into really believing she’s Peter Pan? Well, first a group of boys arrive to crash the party, then everyone becomes involved in a charade of Neverland characters, gender-bending their way to a cathartic battle scene in the lagoon trying to snap her out of it before her parents get home. A very fun play with lots of physical theater and stage combat; perfect for adolescents eager to explore character roles that are both funny and poignant.

  • In this stream-of-conscience series of scenes about the lives and thoughts of adolescents, Puck’s final monologue from A Midsummer Night’s Dream cleverly provides the prompts that drive the play’s themes including friendship, bullying, heartbreak, peer pressure and identity. A company of actors create the ensemble of “shadows” referred to by Puck, moving in and out of contemporary situations that explore the timeless challenges inherent in growing up. Alternatively bold, playful, tricky, moody and joyful, these adolescent-shadows are just trying to figure it all out. A very flexible play, ideal for a class with opportunities for ensemble/choral elements.

  • A group of kids break into a dilapidated mansion looking for a cool place to hang out during spring break only to find they find aren’t alone...and they definitely aren’t safe. A play anchored in realism - with a coven of witches thrown in.